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Tyres provide the contact between your vehicle and the road working with the suspension and steering to provide you with a safe and secure ride. Like other components on your car, tyres wear over time and need regular maintenance to prolong their life and keep you safe. Our qualified team can inspect your tyres for any damage or punctures, pressure, wear patterns and tread depth. If it is time for new tyres, visiting Ryanie For Tyres will ensure you get the right advice for the best fit for your vehicle, driving habits and budget.


Punctures can be very inconvenient but worse is that they can result in a blowout if not repaired. Our qualified technicians will inspect your tyre and assess the damage to determine if it can be repaired. Small punctures can often be repaired but the location of the damage impacts if this will be possible, so it’s best to have it checked by a professional.

Our puncture repair service is available at both our Warwick and Clifton stores or in our mobile service area throughout the Southern Downs along with Aratula and Kalbar. Our team can also assist roadside during store trading hours.


When combined with a wheel alignment, rotation ensures you get the maximum life out of your vehicle’s tyres. Routinely rotating your tyres spreads the wear evenly across all four tyres. This maximises the tread life but also keeps the wear uniform providing improved traction and handling.

Having our team rotate your tyres is also a great opportunity for them to be inspected for any damage or punctures, check pressure and tread depth. Ryanie For Tyres can give you confidence that your tyres are working to their highest standard.

Service options

In a spot of trouble with a flat tyre? Our team can assist you roadside during trading hours.

Call our Warwick store on 4661 1819

Agricultural/On-Farm Service

Ryanie For Tyres services through out the Southern Downs, Aratula and Kalbar. 

Our experienced technicans can visit you onsite at your property.

    Tyre fitting

    Our tyre fitting service is available onsite at our two store locations, Warwick and Clifton. We can assist you with our mobile service on location throughout the Southern Downs including Warwick, Clifton, Allora, Killarney and Stanthorpe. We also now service Aratula and Kalbar.

    Our highly qualified team come with many years’ experience and pride themselves on quality products and service.

    Wheel Alignments

    Does your vehicle drift to one side while driving straight? Or have you noticed steering wheel shudders? This can be an indicator that your vehicle needs a wheel alignment and should be checked by a qualified technician. Not taking care of this issue can lead to further problems and costs if not corrected.  A wheel alignment ensures stable and accurate handling which improves safety and prolongs tyre life. A wheel alignment should also be done whenever fitting new tyres.

    Wheel Balancing

    Indicators such as shuddering and uneven treadwear should not be ignored. Our qualified team can ensure even and continuous contact of your vehicles tyre with the road. Balanced wheels not only improve your vehicles safety and performance but also prolong the life of your tyres.

    Buying a new set of tyres? Here at Ryanie For Tyres your first wheel balance is free with the purchase of a new set of tyres. Drop in and see us or give us a call today!

    Trailer Hire

    Bookings can be made online at www.trailerrentals.com.au or by calling U-Haul on 1300 883 075

    Or visit our Warwick location to use the in-store console.

    Hire is subject to conditions such as pick up and return within store hours and trailer availability dependent on what is in the yard at time of hire. For more information please visit U-Haul website (above) or call our Warwick store.

    Some of our brands

    We can quote on any brand of tyres of your choice