Importance of Wheel Check-ups and Rotations

Importance of Wheel Check-ups and Rotations

A set of tyres doesn’t need to be the most expensive things to replace on a vehicle. Maintaining the tyres is where you get the longevity. This is why drivers make every effort to increase the life of their tyres. Can you guess how they properly maintain it? If you are thinking about wheel rotating and balancing, then you got it right! Tyre rotation helps maintain an even amount of tread wear on all four tyres of your vehicle. This makes these tyres last exceptionally long. This also leads to improved gas mileage and a smoother more comfortable ride. Achieve that enjoyable ride by learning the importance of wheel check-ups and rotations. Read on.

Results to Increased Tyre Efficiency

Increase the safety and efficiency of your tyres by performing these two specific procedures – rotate and balance.

When tyres are rotated, the wheels are removed and replaced from front to back, right to left. When tyres are balanced, a special machine is used to see if the weight of the tyre and wheel is balanced. If it is not, a mechanic will attach small lead weights to the rim of the wheel to ensure that they are balanced.

What happens if you do not rotate and balance?

If you do not rotate and balance them, you would have to replace your front tyres more often than your rear tyres. Regularly doing rotation would allow all four tyres to become worn at the same rate. This allows you to purchase a complete set of tyres instead of two pairs. This saves you a trip to the garage.

Secures the Safety of the Driver and Passenger

One of the most important reasons why you need to rotate your tyres is safety.

Normally, the tread wears away quicker on the front tyres than on the back tyres. The less tread you have on the front tyres, the easier it will be for you to lose control of the vehicle. Rotating the back tyres to the front and vice versa will keep more tread on the front for a longer time.

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Rotating and balancing your tyres are good ways to make sure that your vehicle won’t slide or tumble because of worn treads. These methods will help the tyres last as long as possible and prevent you from purchasing a new set.

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