Things To Consider in Choosing The Right Battery For Your 4X4

Things To Consider in Choosing The Right Battery For Your 4X4

Be prepared, this is going to be one dirty topic for you! Well, maybe not that dirty but hey, it’ll be greasy! Afterall, we are talking about the right battery to choose for your 4×4.

Why the need to take care of your car battery


Batteries are a box of sparks responsible for starting your vehicle. They are one of the essential things that helps your engine run. Thus, before hitting the road; you should ensure that your batteries are working efficiently. Otherwise, you may find yourself stuck in the middle of nowhere because your batteries broke down.


Understanding the role of your 4×4 battery


Your 4×4 batteries are responsible for making the electrical system of your vehicle work. One way it is working properly is to ensure that there are no loose connections. You also need to check its sulphuric acids’ level, especially if you are doing a long drive. 


Things to consider when caring for your 4×4 battery


Your battery’s life can be shortened if you always leave it flat (not having enough power to for it to work). Here are some reasons why your battery is flat.


  • The electrolyte solutions’ level is very low.  The solution levels of your car’s battery must always be checked as it is important for it to operate. It’s the one that fuels your battery.
  • Short frequent trips can shorten your battery’s life and soon it’ll be flat. A quality amount of time is needed for the alternator to charge your battery. If you always use it for short rides, your battery won’t have ample time to fully charge.
  • Unused for a long period of time. If your car is rarely used, tendencies are, your battery will turn flat as it does not charge. So need to warm it up even just in your garage.


How to find the right 4×4 battery for your car?


Your choice of battery will depend on the load it will handle. Thus, the need for you to know the amount of electricity each of your accessory needs. 


For 4×4 vehicles, it is common for it to have a dual battery system, especially if it is running multiple accessories such as fridges and winches. These dual batteries uses a dedicated starting battery and a deep cycle battery. The starting battery is used to help crank the engine and is isolated when it is switched off while the deep cycle battery is utilised for the accessories of the 4×4 vehicle. This secures the efficiency of the starting battery without compromising the overall performance of your 4×4.


Things to consider when choosing your 4×4 battery


When choosing a battery for your 4×4, it is important to consider the following measurements:


Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) – Usually, a heavy-duty battery has CCA in the 600s. So starting a big-turbo diesel is easy even on a winter morning.


Reserve Capacity (RC) – this measures the length of time your battery can operate the accessories when the engine is not working or if the alternator fails. A heavy duty battery shall have an RC of 130 minutes and above. The higher the RC number, the longer you can be sure to drive even with a broken alternator.


AH(Amp Hours) –  AH is the amount of current is available for a specific time. Usually, a battery has 55AH for a 4WD.


These 3 measurements ensures your battery can cater to the initial requirements of your vehicle for it to run the engine. But what about the other stuff you want to use? How will you account for the type of battery to use on these accessories?


You’ll need an additional deep cycle battery to power these accessories. For professional assistance, let our battery experts help you. 

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