How To Choose The Right Tyres For Your Vehicle

How To Choose The Right Tyres For Your Vehicle

Tyres are one of the important components of car safety. It helps increase the performance of your vehicle, such as fuel consumption and safety. However, choosing the right tyres for your vehicle can be quite challenging.

This article guides you on how to choose the right tyre for your vehicle easier and more conveniently. Read on to learn more.

Know when you should replace your tyres

Driving with worn tyres can be dangerous. This can put your safety and even others at risk. But how do you know if it’s time to replace your tyres?

These are some of the questions you should consider to know if it’s time to have your tyres replaced:

  • Do you see irregular wear on your tyre?
  • Do you feel an excessive tyre vibration when driving?
  • Does the tread depth exceed the minimum 1.6mm? (the width of a matchstick)
  • Are there cracks appearing on the side wall?
  • Are there appearances of side bulges on your tyre?

If you’ve answered YES to one or more of these questions, then you absolutely need to get your tyres replaced. Visit us, today.

Identify the number of tyres that have to be replaced

It is always best to replace tyres in pairs. This prevents uneven wear and alignment, which can be very dangerous for you while driving on the road.

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Finding the right tyre size

People replaced their old tyres with the same size on the vehicle as it was first released. This is a reasonable tyres choice replacement method. But do you know that you can improve your ride and performance by actually changing the tyre size?

How does it go?

  • Up sizing. Choosing a larger tyre is a common choice, especially for 4WD and truck owners, because larger and wider tyres help enhance the performance and the ride quality of your 4WD. This also improves:
    • Traction
    • Load carrying capacity
    • Truck appearance
  • Plus sizing. Plus size tyres have the same height as the original; however, its sidewalls are shorter. This results in an improved tyre response and handling.
  • Selecting a tyre of the next lowest profile. For small cars, replacing the original equipment 155/80R-13 size with 175/70R-13 is a good example. The tread is most likely an inch wider and the tyre has a balanced lower sidewall, which remarkably enhances car handling.



Ultimately, your driving habits will best dictate what type of tyre to choose for your vehicle. If unaware of the choices, you can come and visit us for us to choose the perfect tyre for you. Call us on (07) 4661 1819 Warwick or (07) 4612 3370 Clifton, otherwise send us a message on our Facebook page.